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Shaolin Temple Steps at Mt. Songshan
Words of Truth
The 77 Zens of Buddha Zhen

Zen #16

A Japanese Zen Master, Kyogen, stated that,
"Zen is a man hanging from a tree branch over a cliff.
He can't use his arms to hold a branch or legs to stand on anything
and hangs on to a tree branch with his teeth.
Someone below asks the dangling man,
"Why did Bodhidharma come to China from India?"

So, if the dangling man answers, he falls and dies.
If he does not answer for personal reasons, he loses his standing as a Zen Master.

Well, I don't agree with many of the Japanese Zen Masters
and I don't agree with the concept of dares and challenges
to produce winners and losers.

Zen is not winning or losing.

Zen is being you where you are.

 The truth is within.
 Dragon Blood chop of Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
Shaolin Kung Fu Mt. Songshan
Buddha Zhen as seen by Disciple Bo
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