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Awards Presented to Buddha Zhen

Zhen Shen-Lang receives award.
Buddha Zhen Receives Award
from President of Utah Society of Chinese

February 15, 1997
After performing a Chinese New Years exhibition with his Disciple, Bo Jie-Ming, the President of the Utah Society of Chinese surprised Buddha Zhen by presenting a special award.

This plaque was explained to honor Buddha Zhen for his many years of service and duty to the Chinese of Utah and his portrayal of traditional Chinese martial arts.

"This is one of my all-time favorite awards. Unlike many of the prizes I've won, this award was given to me out of love and appreciation. I wish I had more awards of this sentiment."

Thank You Letters to Buddha Zhen:

Anoush Voskanian (Student 2004 - 2006)

Melinda L. Herbert (Student 1998 - 2002)

Power of Truth
Buddha Zhen as seen by Disciple Bo
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