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Questions & Answers #1



How do you pronounce your name?



Zhen, my last name is pronounced "Jen."

Shen, my first name is pronounced like the word "then."

Lang, my middle name is pronounced like the word "song."

For an explanation of the meaning of these Chinese words, visit the page, "About Buddha Zhen."


Why do you do Kung Fu and make Kung Fu music?


Gongfu had been an interest of mine since childhood, watching the "KUNG FU" TV series starring David Carradine.

Prior to Gongfu, I played tennis regularly. As Gongfu and Taijiquan became significant aspects of my daily life, I had to quit tennis in order to devote the time and effort that any sport requires.

As for the "why" of doing Kung Fu: there are so many reasons to do Kung Fu: improved health, contentment, physical balance, mental balance, spiritual enhancement, improved attitude, less stress, better sleeping, better eating, improved physical appearance, heals injuries including my two broken shoulders, a broken back, and numerous other injuries (that occurred while NOT DOING Kung Fu), all of which were healed by doing Kung Fu. I have only missed a couple classes in the past 15 years, even when injured.


Do you regret giving up tennis?


Not at all. Had I not discovered Gongfu, I would still be playing tennis. Tennis is a great sport and a lot of fun.

However, Gongfu and Taiji develop all the same physical abilities of tennis plus many more.

The mental and spiritual developments of Gongfu surpass any other sport I have ever seen.

The many lives I have enhanced and people I have helped also would have been absent from my tennis lifestyle.

Now, if I were to quit teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi, I would feel guilty for not teaching and helping the people who would have been in my classes...


When did you write the "77 Zens of Buddha Zhen?"


These were some of the first things I put into the computer in 1999, after purchasing my iMac Blueberry, they can't be more recent than that.

It's currently 2006, and as I update these 77 webpages, I was surprised and impressed that there were only 3 words I wanted to edit.

These Zens of Zhen were pulled from my scraps of paper thrown into a box of poetry during the 1990s when I lived in Utah. These are different from the "Daily Inspirations" on the website, which were pulled from notes and quotes in my own Kung Fu and Tai Chi books.

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