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Background of Buddha Zhen,
Martial Arts Musician

Young Zen = Young Zhen


This picture is from a very bizarre photoshoot. Neither I nor the film lab I've used for a dozen years has encountered anything like it.

When I unearth (from storage) the negatives and prints from this shoot, I will post them on this website.

What makes them bizarre is the light that circles my body in almost every shot. Unlike most light leaks in a camera or during developing, these light rays seem to eminate from my body and weapons.

I set this shoot up myself using professional lighting and the neutral backdrop in my home/office/studio.

I try not to get into the hocus pocus of Qi and energetic healing, too much, but this photoshoot gives a unique portrayal of Qi energy (or maybe ghosts) without any special effects.

Zhen the Dragon


This photoshoot was at Tai Mantis in 1982. The photographer was Shifu Rick Bash.

That's another thing I loved about Tai Mantis. There were other artists and creative people there.

Rick set up the back drop and shot a bunch of us students who paid a small fee.

Unfortunately, I hadn't been at Tai Mantis very long. This stance is from the 5 ANIMAL STYLE Gongfu that I had previously learned as a student of Shifu Douglas Wong at the WHITE LOTUS GONGFU SCHOOL.

I learned a dark Qigong style from Shifu Wong. It's probably just a shadow in the palm of my right hand, but--


Dragon Blood Chop of Buddha Zhen
Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth
Patriarch, Shaolin Chi Mantis

Power of Truth
Buddha Zhen as seen by Disciple Bo
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