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Shaolin Temple Steps at Mt. Songshan
Words of Truth
The 77 Zens of Buddha Zhen

Zen #8

Treasure what you attain.


TRUTH is like gravity.

The weight of each issue influences the laws of the universe.

However, when the issue is broke apart into smaller issues,
the solutions to each section

may lead to a different conclusion.

So, of the little independent gravities
can pull one's decisions to different places
than they would by combining them

all into one problem of one gravity.

Social gravitation.

Like a deck of cards, truths can be grouped into losing hands and winning bluffs.

We don't care if there are a few homeless persons sleeping in the alleys.

But the moment there are a dozen, or someone is harassed by them,

the solutions suggested are a lot different than helping one person to have a home.

Sections are best altered individually, than trying to fix them all at once.

Same with people, it's easier to deal with them individually than to fight them as an army.

We need to change from social solutions created as military maneuvers against groups or types of people to solutions that can be applied to each individual.

When we create solutions that will benefit any one single person, we will actually be solving our problems for society.

7-17-99 Zhen, Shen-Lang


 The truth is within.
 Dragon Blood chop of Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
Shaolin Kung Fu Mt. Songshan
Buddha Zhen as seen by Disciple Bo
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